Turn Your Customers Into Repeat Customers or No Business At All For You

In the past few weeks since we launched our product, We've received applause, interests and queries.

Going through my email threads, one query topped the feedback, The query is - Why do you need Subscaster for your Business or Organization ?

  • Have you ever, gone on holiday and activated an Auto Response Email to reply emails ?
  • Have you found your self setting an 'Auto Reply' for email address(es) when switching jobs or accepting procurement entries ? If the above scenarios sound familiar, what do you think your professional contacts felt for you when they received such 'Automated response' ?

Oh yeah, there was that satisfaction and recognition of your commitment to your job and courteous regard for them.

Supposing you went a step further to personalize your response for every email, I imagine your reputation in your business circle will certainly increase.

As a small tech-business, We found ourselves in a similar instance about a year ago and decided we needed a small CRM tool that is not bloated and can help us send personalizedEmail(s) and SMS to our customers and prospects on Schedule.

We wanted a tool that is as much automated and simple to manage customers, We wanted Repeat Customers for our business.
In our web language, we say we got worried about our Optimization and Conversion strategy.

We just felt if we put a tool in place that could deliver Emails and SMS worldwide to our customers, Track Message(s) delivery status and Notify us on due dates; Our customer retention rate will rise.
Now with Subscaster, We no longer worry about reminders and notices as we just Schedule them and they triggers on due-date to our customers.
Our customers receive personalized birthday messages from us and the good part is, I could be playing golf or writing codes somewhere whilst that reminder or notice triggers. :)

That is the power of Automation.

Businesses and Freelancers are making profits even in difficult economies by consistent brand value Optimization using technology and tools like ours.

A pharmacist sent me a BBM message via proxy yesterday asking if we could customize our 'Create Subscast' interface for pharmacies to enable them send little reminders to their customers and patients like drug dosage reminders at the specified times.
It is certainly a great idea that We'd explore in upcoming features.

Do you know you could actually increase profit with a good customer retention strategy ?
Shoot me an email or reply this newsletter if you need any assistance.

Do have a great week and stay blessed.
- Written Apr 1, 2014

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Abdulhakim Haliru

Abdulhakim is Chief Technology Officer at Le Proghrammeen, He spends everyday helping businesses in Nigeria with technological products that helps them reach their goals.