Computer Ransomware are not unstoppable

Good morning to you.
I just got off the phone with a friend who has been attacked by a Ransomware virus.
He had received an email containing an invoice which as an accountant he assumed came from one of the company's contractors.
Upon attempting to open the file, his system turns a blue screen and quickly moved to the IT department for a long weekend of work to save his files and restore his computer.
The attackers had asked for $200.00 ransom to restore his files which their virus have encrypted.
A Ransomware attack comes in two forms of attack as a trojan and then an encryptor.
Sadly most businesses in Nigeria do not invest in cyber security measures like highly secured network systems.
However Ransomwares are very difficult to fix and ultimately lead to loss of vital resources.
You don't have to wait to be a victim, secure your networks and systems, register your vendors. Implement firewall systems and ERP for your business today.
Abdulhakim Haliru works as CTO for Le Proghrammeen Solutions in Abuja.

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Abdulhakim Haliru

Abdulhakim is Chief Technology Officer at Le Proghrammeen, He spends everyday helping businesses in Nigeria with technological products that helps them reach their goals.